So the export business is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into, with the profit margins on some select agricultural products and solid minerals being anywhere from 20% to sometimes over 100%. But figuring out how to start exporting from Nigeria, what commodities to focus on, how to find international buyers for your export business, how to find and purchase goods in the most remote part of the country at the barest minimum price, how to ensure the quality standards are high & met, how to manage logistics & transportation of the goods to the city, how to ensure security of the goods in transit, how to handle inspection at the port of loading, how to cover customs issues, how to ship the commodity, and most importantly, how to ensure you get paid every single time is a serious hassle for a lot of exporters and aspiring exporters.

While most aspiring exporters have little knowledge of how to navigate these challenges, many current exporters are losing money every day. On average, over 80% of exporters either don’t get paid for failing to fully understand the modalities of the international trade business or get scammed outright from international buyers.


To help new and existing exporters avoid these problems and execute successful trades every single time, PRISCOBA CONSULT LTD has decided to launch the most in-depth online export course in Nigeria that will not just teach you everything you need to know about the export business, but would also show you how to execute your first export worth thousands of dollars trading commodities from Nigeria.

This course also goes as far as showing exporters how to ensure that they don’t just get paid, but have secured their payments 110% before they spend a dime to purchase the commodities from the local rural communities in Nigeria.