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If you are reading this, my friend you are on the path to several human developmental opportunities that promise financial freedom and fulfilment! Are you a student who has foreseen the politicization of employment in Nigeria and the attendant difficulty of gaining a befitting employment by merit? May be you are even a graduate with visions and dreams but the nepotism that governs the economic sector is seriously frustrating your attempts of gaining your dream job? Oh, are you a learned who earns modicum as wages that is very small to cover your expenditure? I have a good news for you! The good news is not limited to theory; it is also with verifiable evidences. You only need to hear my story to be convinced of the truth and the reality of the said good news…
As a student in one of the Nigerian Universities, I had no hope of a stable income or any guaranteed employment. In view of the live after the school, I could imagine a living with no monthly stipends that do come from parents and generous kindred. And, the consciousness of a bright future became fluid. Whenever I walked and wherever I go, I carried this burden, looking for ways to overcome the fear of a dwindling future. I never know that the future has no fear for me coming to it. One day, I was introduced to what I later realized to be a breakthrough for me and as many as possible that would take a leap of faith to partake in it. On that day, my best friend introduced me to an importation and marketing business as a way out of unemployment and financial incapability. At first, I doubted. In fact, I would also discourage anybody thinking of engaging in it then because I had zero any form of importation business for poor people like me as a way to add salt to our wound. Of course, I saw importation business as an exclusive deal for the few rich of this country.
So I showed the Thomas side of me for a friend who could never think I can distrust her. She then decided to help my faith in what would later be my sermon for you, readers. She asked me to give her just thirty thousand Naira (#30000) to do the business and vow to bear any risk that comes out of it. She promised to repay my money if she losses the money. Unknown to me, she was so sure of the business that she could not doubt making her profits. Behold, after three months, she returned to me with ninety thousand Naira (#90,000). I could not believe my sight; thinking it was a dream. To be very sure, I pleaded with her to explain the seeming magic to me. She said it wasn’t magic nor any form of Ponzi scheme but that it was a legitimate business of importing various commodities from different countries and marketing it through the easiest platform to the buyers. She even showed me evidences of some of our fellow students who patronized her to make the ninety thousand. And that was where the journey of how I understand and key into this once in a lifetime opportunity started…
At the initial stage of my inquisition into the business, she linked me to the open secret of importing and marketing goods through the online classes and trainings I enrolled. To my amazement, it does not take a huge money to start the importation business. In fact, it does not require knowing any influential business mogul in the line of the business to maintain an efficient running of the business. Meanwhile, I have not come to the totality of the knowledge of establishing an easy business line because, what I learnt later proved to be the elementary stage of the full knowledge of the business. Several other steps are awaiting me to guarantee my smooth sailing in the ocean of importation business. Having learnt the technicalities and skills of undertaking a smooth importation deals, I was faced with the challenges of what choice of goods to deal in. Not only that, I was faced with the challenge of getting an outlet for storage. And, if I would get a store in my locality, Abuja, I should be ready for a huge rent which I don’t have…
Having come to that realization, I was informed of situating my market and store house on website. It is better to be internet base. Hence, the need to have my own personal website arose. To get the website, I contracted a web designer who charged me a relatively huge amount. Unfortunately, the design he made did not bring any encouraging outcome in facilitating patronage for my business. Besides, I found it difficult to generate traffic to my website consequently, my acclaimed website became a cart without a horse. At this stage, my challenges were two; the awkward website and the facilitation of traffic. I needed to embark on another consultation on the way to go about it. Eventually, I enrolled myself in an intensive web design training, Facebook advert training, content writing, digital marketing among others. On the type of goods to deal in, I embarked on a kind of automated survey to know the need of my targeted customers…
My experience through understanding the totality of becoming an efficient importation and marketing business was not without pains, sacrifices and perseverance! But the story of the struggle ended for me and for as many as those who will join the train of purpose with me on this platform. I have decided to train as many as possible of those who are ready and committed to keying into this once in a life time opportunity. I prepared all the necessary programs as five in one package. I am bold to tell you that your money is not the priority for me but the knowledge you will gain and your awaited success in the business. In fact, if after the training you feel it does not worth it, I will be glad to return your money. Please don’t waste a seconds of your time to decide if you are joining this train to success. A minute of delay can be too late; act positively now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introduction (video & notes)
Importation Manual 1 &2 (Videos)
Other websites to source for products (Video)
Hair Importation guidelines (Hair extensions, Hair grades, Hair textures) -Notes and pictures

Contacts of Direct Factories for different products
Customization (video)
Bargaining power with suppliers (video)
Purchasing agents
Shipping agents &charges

Importation Manuals (Videos)
Basic differences between importation sites (video)
Contacts of Suppliers and purchasing agents.

Advanced China Importation

How to register and chat with manufacturers directly.

How to pay for goods through alipay.

Verifing and funding alipay.

Linking with alipay

How to check the landing cost of product before importing.

How to check the weight of products.

The USA Phone importation course contain modules series of short detailed videos courses that show you the complete A-Z step by step processes of importing Used USA phone from Usa down to Selling it here in Nigeria for profit.

You will learn this following as outlined below:

How to  legally Import UK/USA Phone for as low as N30,000 from 2 USA portals and how to sell it for a profit as high as N40,000 and above In Nigeria 

You will learn How to register on this  2 website and all other registration Procedures

How to place order on this 2  USA portals

How to Identify quality  used Phone with no fault or issues

How to make payment for your order.

The Delivery company that deliver goods to Nigeria as low as N5,000-N8,000  to Nigeria.

How to sell your order to make profit in Nigeria, making as high as 50% profit from on single sales.


Registration bodies (video)
Packaging of products (notes and video)
How to find buyers (video)
List of Potential International buyers
Proposal writing directions
Sites to find buyers (notes)
Export Services
Payment methods (video)
Logistics manual (video)
Shipping logistics and charges (notes)

Ecommerce Website Design

eCom Profits Strategy
Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Of How To Get The Most From Your Online Store And Position Yourself For BIG Profits!

 eCom Business Models

Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Of Several Real World Business Models You Can Use To Get Started Quickly, Plus Where To Find Products That Sell Like Crazy!
eCom Site Creator
Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Of How To Build A Full-Feature eCommerce Website Without Any Coding Or Tech Skills!
eCom Store Platform
Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Of The
 Top eCommerce Platforms You Can Use To Power Your Online Store And Grow Your Business!
Woo Commerce Quick Start
Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Of How To Create & Setup A Woo Commerce StoreAnd Start Selling!
eCom Design Tactics
Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Reveals Insider Tricks To Layout & Design A High Converting Web Store That Sells More Items And Generates Repeat Business!
eCom Sales Formula
Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Reveals Key Methods That Can Double Or Even Triple Your Sales And Create A 6-Figure Income!
eCom Traffic Blueprint
Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Reveals The Proven System To Get Traffic To Your Online Store And Start Making Money Right Away!
eCom Profits Action Plan
Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Reveals The Simple Steps To Create Your First eCommerce Store And Get Started On The Right Track!
And a Whole Lot More…


Video #1 – Introduction to FB Ads

Have you ever wondered why your Facebook ads don’t convert? The reason why is that most people jump with two feet and start creating ads. In this video, we will discuss the course itself and what you need to get started.

Video #2 – Paid Traffic Mindset

Before you create your Facebook ads, let’s discuss why you need a mindset shift and what that looks like.  This is the sole reason why some people succeed and paid traffic, while others fail.  Jumping into Facebook ads without knowing this is a sure way to fail.

Video #3 –  Who Are You Targeting?

Doing this one wrong will give you horrible results.  In other words, knowing who you are targeting and how to target them is very important.  This is the first step to your road to doing Facebook Ads the right way.

Video #4 – FB Insights

After you get a better grasp of WHO you are targeting, it’s time to back that up with actual data. Fortunately – you can use a free, but powerful tool to get this data.  This is very important especially before running any type of Facebook ad.

Video #5 – Creating an Avatar Profile

Now that you have gathered the right data from Videos 3, 4, and 5 – it’s time to create your customer’s avatar profile.  This is simply a document that tells you what your ideal customer should look like and everything about them that you would need to find out.

Video #6 – Important Ad Rules

You should never setup ads until you’ve understood what Facebook does not like and what they want.  Creating ads that violate policy is a sure way to get your account banned.  So going over the rules is crucial.

Video #7 – The Pixel

Before you run ads, you need to make sure you have your pixel created and installed.  We’ll go over this, so you get the proper tracking setup.

Video #8 – Ad Campaigns

Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ad campaign.  The campaign is what holds your ad sets and your ads and understanding your objective is crucial.  In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad campaign in step by step manner.

Video #9 – Ad Sets

Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ad Set.  The ad set is the child of an Ad campaign and it is what holds your ads.  In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad set step by step.

Video #10 – Ads

Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ads.  You will need to have your creative ad in hand to do this.  The ad is the child of an Ad set.  In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad in step by step manner.

So, grab this video course today and begin setting up your Facebook ad the right way.

And a Whole Lot More…


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Viral Ecommerce Mastery
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Advanced Mini Importation
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Facebook Traffic Blueprint
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How To Get Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, And Mobile Accessories At Extremely Low Prices
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How To Get Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, And Mobile Accessories At Extremely Low Prices
Bought by Kenneth   Chikwendu from Orita Challange Oyo, Nigeria
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Revealed! How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Payments In Nigeria
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Revealed! How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Payments In Nigeria
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How To Start An Import Business|Buy And Sell Physical Products
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Viral Ecommerce Mastery
Bought by Segun   Kehinde from Central Abuja, Nigeria
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Revealed! How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Payments In Nigeria
Bought by Usman       Kenhinde from Ota Ogun, Nigeria
Total order for 3,000.00
about 2 months ago
How To Get Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, And Mobile Accessories At Extremely Low Prices
Bought by Lukman   Jadesola from Lagos Mainland Lagos, Nigeria
Total order for 3,000.00
about 2 months ago
Revealed! How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Payments In Nigeria
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